Friday, March 16, 2012

Flowers & Sunlight

We've spent most of this week enjoying some very nice weather.  I've poured over my garden catalogs and made plans for flowers and plants for the coming Spring and Summer.  But yesterday and today, wet, cool weather has returned and so I've been looking at the pictures I made in Florida, a reminder of flowers, warmth and sunlight yet to come.

We arrived at Disneyworld early enough for me to make some pictures of Cinderella's castle before the crowds arrived.
Red geraniums always look so cheerful.
Epcot had loads of beautiful gardens; this is one of the more expansive beds of flowers.
Daisy Duck is most charming depicted in flowers.
Grandma ran across a Viking in Norway.  Lucky for us, he was a friendly invader.
In England, I enjoyed a cup of tea.
I've yet to determine what these flowers are but they smelled amazing.
My azaleas are still organizing for their showy display but they bloom much earlier in Florida.
My fingers itch to plant some blooms of my own!

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