Thursday, March 01, 2012

March 1st: Front Yard Flowerbed

I'm eager for spring, which is a bit presumptuous given the mildness of this year's winter.  In my defense, I am prepared to admit that at least some of my longing to switch seasons is the result of my desire to exchange winter clothes in favor of shorter skirts and flip flops.  In fact, despite fact that the calendar notes the start of Spring on March 20, I'm prepared to declare it Spring on March 1st, when it seems acceptable to abandon the wearing of tights and wool sweaters.  Had March 1st been Monday or Tuesday of this week, I might have been excused my desire to haul out the sandals.  Alas, the extra day in February brought us a day of icy cold and that cold has lingered into today, the first of March.
Happily, the front yard garden is just as eager as I am to enjoy the coming warmth.  The mild, wet winter has the bulbs fooled and I expect I'll have an early show of daffodils and tulips this year.
That's a happy development.

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