Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yesterday, I read a story about one woman's effort to terminate her pregnancy.  That the fetus was much desired but badly damaged is really superfluous information, though it's a powerful part of the tale Carolyn Jones tells.  What's more important are the many ways in which our state legislatures are systematically disregarding and ignoring the needs of more than one half of the population.  The female half.

Those of you who think that birth control is not a real issue, who feel that women's reproductive health is just a smokescreen, who don't understand the consequences of ignoring women's rights, I suspect you're in for a very tough election year.  I'm a woman and a mother; a voter and a citizen.  And I won't rest until my rights - human rights - are secure.  We deserve better.

Ladies, it's time to raise a little hell.  I urge you to support Planned Parenthood, Emily's List, and NARAL/Pro Choice America.  There is only one pro-choice, pro-woman presidential candidate and his name is Barack Obama. Women's rights are human rights.  Let's make sure our government understands this fact.

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Nichole said...

Yes, yes, and YES! I wish that more people in my neck of the woods would see the absolute insanity of the Rick Santorum, and now Mitt Romney, view of birth control. It is absolutely INSANE CRAZY FUCKING NUTS that the Republican candidates are even saying the things they are saying about birth control and abortion and sex. Why aren't people all over the country yelling in capital letters about this?? I don't get it. Women should be flipping shit over this.