Saturday, March 31, 2012

Real Life Conversations with JT: Vote of No Confidence edition

The backstory: On Thursday evening, JT, T, and I were making plans for our Mega Millions lottery win (Update: we didn't win) and we agreed that we would buy an RV and hit the road for the year, driving to bunches of places that we would like to see.  JT was enthusiastic about the plan but concerned about his education.  I attempted to provide reassurance.

Mama:  Don't worry about the 7th grade buddy, I can home school you for the year.

JT (in a tone of great doubt):  You?  I think that we'd better bring along a tutor.

Nine years of college.  Nearly twenty years as a teacher at the high school and college level.  But my own son thinks I'm not quite up to the challenge.  Ouch.

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