Saturday, September 22, 2012

Freshly Painted, chapter 2: Shabby but Not Chic

The powerwash job sent a lot of loose paint flying and generally succeeded in proving beyond a shadow of doubt that the house could use a paint job.  The worst of the sections are in the back, off the deck.  The previous owners had a hot tub here and it left its mark on paint.
Which is not to say that the rest of the house isn't in need of some fresh paint.

The ivy that once grew up the west side of the house wasn't doing the siding any favors.
In short, Sassafras House is more than ready for the improvements that are coming.  The next step is chipping the rest of the loose paint, siding repair, and then the application of primer.  That work started Friday and will continue into next week.  I'm getting excited about the coming changes.  Updates as warranted!

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