Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Your Weekly Dogwood, Week Three

We had yesterday off from school and the day was a glorious contrast to this morning's rain.  T and I were lured into the yard for some projects involving trimming the overgrown shrubs in the front yard.  I'm preparing for the house to be painted (more on that later) and that involves getting the shrubbery around the foundation in check.

In the meantime, the dogwood is slimming down on it's own, heading pell-mell into fall with a glorious set of red leaves.  I made this picture in yesterday's lovely sunlight.  The pace of leaf change has really picked up in the last week.
More cool nights are ahead and if I were a betting woman, I'd say there will be even more reddening leaves next week.  Seasonal change has a way of making that happen.

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