Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vocabulary with T: Fuck-Knuckle

I suspect that I don't have to write a single thing to explain what the phrase fuck-knuckle means.  Because, come on, fuck-knuckle?  How can that word mean anything other than screwed up beyond belief?   Just so we're clear, fuck knuckle is what happens when something messy or confusing is made worse by human error.

My bin of hair ties are a mess in general.  Then I paw through them and they are fuck-knuckled.

Shoelaces on a kid's shoes are often screwed up.  When JT gets involved, they are fuck-knuckled.

Republican politics have been scary and confusing for a while.  But since the GOP settled on Romney as their nominee, Mittens and his campaign staff have taken the party to a fuck-knuckled state.

Sure, you could describe these events as twisted.  Mixed-up.  Chaotic.  Screwed up.  But why bother when fuck-knuckle is there, perfectly willing to serve, and able to describe things far more accurately?

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