Saturday, September 01, 2012

September 1: Front Yard Flowerbed

I like an overgrown, lush flowerbed but things in the front yard flowerbed are now officially out of control.  The rose of Sharon bears a large portion of the blame; that tree just won't stop sending out feeders.  But it may also be that the chief gardener needs to get out there with her clippers and show the plants who is in charge around here.  Ahem.
In the meantime, the azalea leaves have just begun to turn their attention to development of some fall colors.  After such a busy growing season, I can well imagine that they've need for some rest.
In the next two months, I will be planting some fall bulbs in this flowerbed and elsewhere.  Bulb planting is one of my favorite fall clean up chores, a sign that winter is coming even as it provides a reminder that the cold won't last forever.  Until then, there's still some lush green to enjoy in the flowerbed.  I'll be doing that as I take on the task of fall trimming.

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