Saturday, September 29, 2012

Freshly Painted, chapter 3: Adios, Señora

There was a snafu in the new color of house paint, one best illustrated by this picture.
Ummmm, yeah.  That color down below, the new color?  It doesn't match the established siding upstairs.  And I am definitely stuck with that siding. My choice of  Senora Gray (which I kept reading in my mind as Señora Gray) is a no-go.  The Señora was sent packing and it was back to the color drawing board for me.  Dozens of paint chips and a handful of trials later, we concluded that the proper color is Baltic Gray, another Benjamin Moore color.  He's no easy-going Señora, our man Baltic Gray.  No, he's tough.  Durable.  Ready for snow and rain storms.  And a perfect match for the upstairs siding.
Disaster averted.  That's happy.

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Nichole said...

It made me think of the old saying about women with dyed hair...does the curtain match the drapes?? :-)