Saturday, September 15, 2012


When T first met JT, she was bemused by his laser-like focus on precision scheduling.  The boy likes to have a schedule for his days even when the day's plan is to hang out and have fun.  He'll schedule that fun and then hold your feet to the fire ("you're 5 minutes late for playing Clue, people").  T quickly dubbed JT the "party planner" and then she pointed out that he has some career prospects in time management and logistics.

Turns out those logistics and planning skills are especially handy when it comes to middle school.  7th grade runs on a schedule that seems to maximize movement and involves 8 periods crammed into a 6.5 hour day.  JT was worried about getting his schedule memorized and he fretted all the way to school on the first day.  I wasn't the least bit worried, because I know how he is about such matters.  By that night, he had the schedule memorized and had mapped out effective routes to get to places quickly, with the sort of maximum efficiency he finds pleasing.  Before classes had even started, the boy got his school supplies carefully organized, selecting the appropriate tools for the job.  He's going to need those pens and pencils to cross his Ts and dot his Is.  And by golly, they will be crossed and dotted.
In pursuit of maximum organization, he brought his books to his locker in advance of day 1 and then carefully organized them.  Books and binders won't go missing in his locker.  JT has no time for that nonsense.
Needless to say, he sets his own alarm clock and is nearly always ready when it's time to walk out the door in the morning.  Though I sure there will be some rough patches ahead (he is in the 7th grade, after all), more and more I can appreciate the world of self-sufficient 12-teen.  Even if it is like living with a drill sergeant.

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Nichole said... My son cannot even tie his shoes without prodding. That isn't an exaggeration.