Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Freshly Painted, chapter 5: Fairy Tale House

I couldn't be more happy with the completed paint job on Sassafras House.  Though I am admittedly biased, I think my home looks like a fairy tale house.
The siding color stayed the same, but the new coat of paint really freshened things up.  The color is Baltic Grey, complemented with Arctic White window trim.  The shutters and window sills were trimmed in blue.  It's a grayish shade of Benjamin Moore paint called Alfresco.  Here is the view from the west, looking at the study windows.
The previous trim was a cranberry red, which made the siding look on the brown side of grey.  The now sparkling white trim and the switch to the blue shutters makes the grey look crisper and clean, more on the blue side of grey.

And going from this powerwashed, unprimed siding: 

To this:
It makes a world of difference.  I especially love the clean and crisp front porch with its tidy posts and railings. 

The blue front door (sporting some Halloween decorations at the moment) welcomes us home each day.  That's happy!


Jason Brozek said...

It looks fantastic!

As someone who also has a newly-repainted house (, there's nothing like pulling into the driveway and feeling that little hiccup of happiness every afternoon.

Nichole said...

The house looks great! You definitely have a wonderful home. :-)

Shark Butt said...