Sunday, October 28, 2012

High Wind of Anxiety

The sun rises slowly on these fall days, and morning light doesn't seem very bright until  nearly 8 am.  In this morning's darkness, I should have pulled the quilt up high and settled down for another hour's sleep.  But I could hear the wind stirring the dry leaves.  Hurricane Sandy is gearing up  and the storm makes us all  restless, anxious for what's to come.

To my dismay, in the last year I seem to be getting rather experienced at the business of hurricane preparedness.   To that end, on Saturday afternoon we put all the outdoor items into the garage.  Grill, tables, chairs, benches, and assorted summer flower pots are now less likely to become hurricane projectiles. 
The storm track remains somewhat uncertain though New Jersey is awash in preparedness panic.  I got supplies on Friday night.  My flashlights are ready and I have non-perishable food and extra water on hand.  I've stored away some ice to keep a few items cool should the power go.  I don't want to say that I'm ready for the storm because that feels awfully daring and I hesitate to get into a bravery match with a hurricane.  No matter how prepared I am, I am never ready for a storm that might bring power outages, flooding, and property damage.

I will blog daily as long as I have electricity.  And I will hope mightily that this storm doesn't overwhelm us all.  Here's to propane stoves, warm blankets, bottled water, and crossed fingers.

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Michelle Meislahn said...

Stay safe. Will be thinking about you in our 80 degree weather. (was that too cruel??)