Monday, October 08, 2012

Freshly Painted, chapter 4: Scraping and Priming

In the aftermath of the powerwash, the house looked pretty shabby.  But that was nothing compared to the scraping, which exposed a whole lot of bare siding.  Happily, scraping was so quickly followed by primer paint that I didn't have to worry much about the naked house.  Here are some views of the house, all primed up and ready for paint.

For the section off the back deck, I didn't even get to see the scraping and priming.  The work started early and by the time I came home after school, the first coat of paint and some of the trim had already been applied.
At some point last Saturday, the front and sides were changing over to the Baltic Grey color and the window trim work was in progress.  This picture of the front of the house shows a bit of a split personality as the work progressed.
It's been fun to track the progress of the changes unfolding at Sassafras House and we've enjoyed the process.  Well, everyone but Tiger and Lucy.  But that's a story for a another day.  

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