Saturday, October 06, 2012

Real Life Conversations with JT: Single Parenting edition

The backstory: In his Values & Choices class, JT is required to look after a baby (Baby Think it Over) for a few days, including bringing it home for the weekend.   The baby is computerized and he cries, needs to be fed and diapered, and otherwise interrupts your life like a real baby might do.  When the class first began, JT feared this was a joint project and he was worried about his co-parenting options.

JT:  If I don't choose the right partner for the baby project, I'll have to do it all the work on my own.

To my eternal credit, I didn't make the obvious caustic observation that I know damn well how he feels, having chosen unwisely and therefore ending up a single parent who does all the work on her own.  By golly, I wanted to say it, oh how I longed to be sassy.  But I'm an adult and I refrained.  Instead, I stuck to another script.

Mama:  I'll help you out son, and I wouldn't worry about it quite yet.

As it turns out, single parenting is the law when you take possession of Baby Think it Over.  He moved in to Sassafras House yesterday afternoon.  After some negotiation, JT did not name the baby Salmonella, as he originally proposed.  I think that's the start of some quality parenting.

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Shark Butt said...

Salmonella would have been a.better name than Catheta. And yes I've seen that name used.