Sunday, October 07, 2012

Real Life Conversations with T: Call me Abuela edition

The backstory:  Thursday night, in preparation for the arrival of Baby Think-it-Over at Sassafras House, JT gave some real thought to what he would name his baby.  He announced that he likes Spanish names because of the way they sound and feel when you say them.  He made a rather extensive list of his favorites: Jose, Juan, Carlos, Luis, Miguel, Roberto, Santiago, and Francisco all made the list.  Then told me that some combination of them will be his baby's name.  I repeated the story to T, and she had a response.

T:  Is he running around with some Latino girl that we didn't know about?

Me:  Si.  Call me Abuela.

My grandson Luis Miguel is really quite charming, though I wish he'd sleep through the night like a decent baby.  

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Nichole said...

Awww. So cute. Abuela and Abuelita (because baby has two grandmas). It sounds adorable to me. Felicidades!