Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Your Weekly Dogwood: Weeks 6 & 7

Last week's dogwood posting was delayed by the need for my laptop to spend some time in the shop.  That meant my photos were also in the shop.  Happily, the laptop is back in my custody (this is tantamount to getting my brain back) and I've a backlog of dogwood photos to share.  Fall is in full bloom around here and the dogwood was in on the action last week.

Leaves are beginning to accumulate in the backyard and the raking season is soon to be upon me.
Just a week later, the last of the tree's green leaves are now shaded red.

Old man tree is slower and commits to fall with greater deliberation.  But as this view from below demonstrates, those leaves are also headed for my rake soon enough.

We've been enjoying a really splendid autumn this year, with cool nights and sunny days and a lot of blue skied days.  The leaves around here are just getting ready to display their peak colors.  I'll be sorry to see it all come to an end and until then I plan to enjoy every last minute of the splendor.

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