Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Live Blogging the Debate

I've no idea how long I will be willing to live blog the debate since I expect most of this exchange to cause my head to spin and blow up.  For your added pleasure, I highly recommend that you organize the supplies to play Presidential Debate Bingo, provided for your edification over at Mother Jones.

Live Blogging starts when the debate begins.  I'd say may the best debater win, but frankly, I don't give a damn how good Mitt Romney sounds, I'm with Barack Obama. So let's be clear: may Barack Obama wipe the arena floor with Mittens.

10:10 pm
Time limits for presentations are gone, clearly.  And now Mittens is invoking Reagan. Platitudes and nonsense, that.  Mittens is all over the place.  I'm taking this operation upstairs and I'll drift off to sleep watching the disorganized mess that is debate number 1.  I'd better not have nightmares, you two.

10:06 pm
Would someone please ask Willard how he will pay for pre-existing coverage healthcare requirements? Or covering kids until they are 25?  And here comes the President to skewer Mitt on this question.

10:02 pm
Note to Mittens: No Republicans support healthcare reform, which is why none of them voted for it.

9:58 pm
Healthcare.  Willard just invoked the Massachusetts healthcare plan.....Tea Partiers are gonna be cranky.  And now Obama is citing the Obamacare advantages. Nicely done.

9:56 pm
In the smile contest, Obama kills it.  Mittens has a thin, mean smile.

9:50 pm
Will Willard get specific about what regulation is excessive?  Yes...Dodd Frank. Seriously, Dodd Frank didn't do nearly enough to regulate, pal.

9:48 pm
Romney's getting in the weeds on healthcare.  And that silly smile after he speaks doesn't help his cause.  Obama was a bit weak at the outset, but he seems to have hit his pace.

9:25 pm
Jim Lehrer has lost control. That ain't good.

9:17 pm
Mittens is getting worked up about whether or not he will reduce taxes for the rich.  He says that he won't.....and he will lower taxes for the middle class. I don't buy it.

9:15 pm
That split screen ain't helping Mittens.

9:04 pm
Shouldn't Jim Lehrer ask Congress if they will do anything to create jobs? Because that's who needs to do something.  I guess that tonight we can pretend otherwise, but that ain't gonna light a fire under Congress.  Obama did fine with his usual list of specifics.  Mittens is also offering specifics, which is a change.....started off strong but lost the trail of thought at the end.

9:00 pm
Look here, Mittens, let's get this started on time.  It's not like I don't have some laundry to fold.

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AnnabelleMK said...

I'm a little annoyed by the split screen. Although it does allow us to see Mitt's seemingly condescending smug look which I don't like.