Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Live Blogging the Debate

Okay, with the caveat that I don't think Obama blew the last debate so much as Romney wasn't a complete incompetent, I'm up for another round of live-blogging this nonsense.  And, yes, it is nonsense because a room filled with undecided voters is a room awash in nonsense.  For the love of God, who could possibly be undecided at this late date?

The misery fun starts in 5 minutes.

The worst part of any debate is that time when I must select which of the mainstream media to watch.  I'm going with MSNBC, but I will be pounding the mute button when Chris Matthews opens his gaping, unpleasant yaw.

In other news, this is funny.  Well played, DNC.  Well played.

10:00 pm
Obama is articulate, factual, engaging, competent.  Romney was defensive and deceptive on his tax plan, his view of birth control; demeaning about women in the workforce.  I'm satisfied.  What will the media think?

9:55 pm
Both men did well on the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately question.

9:45 pm
Romney has to identify his biggest difference from George W. Bush and say how he is different.  Energy independence.  Trade crack down on China.  Trade with Latin America.  Balanced budget. Champion small business.  Romney is rambling.

This is all malarkey.......Obama should explain that the recession meant government spending and that is why the debt is high.

9:43 pm
Obama says that birth control is a health issue and an economic issue for women.  Mittens?  He gets to dodge birth control completely then comes back to it and claims that he supports birth control access for women.  To which I say what Candy won't: you're a fucking liar.

9:38 pm
Finally a question about workplace income inequality for women.  And Obama mentions Lillie Ledbetter; first bill he signed into law. Bingo.

Governor?  Says he had some qualified women in his Cabinet in Massachusetts (he got 'em from a "binder full of women"...that's an unfortunate choice of words).  He favors flexible hours for mom.  Employers in the new economy will do this, he says.  When we have a strong economy, women will get good work.

Really, Candy, you'd better kick some ass on this one.

9:32 pm
Romney on the split-screen blinking furiously while Obama schools him on taxes.  Satisfying.

9:27 pm
Obama talks about the specific cuts he's made for small businesses and middle class folks.   Says 98% of Americans get no tax increase to deal with debt, but taxes go up for the top 2%, folks who make above 250K....he wants Clinton-era tax rates for those folks.

9:25 pm
A specific question about middle class tax credits......will Romney talk specifics about his plan? Not so far.

Romney: I will bring rates down for everyone.  I will eliminate credits and deductions for folks at the high end.  Says he may limit deductions to a total of $25,000 for big income.  He won't tax investments for people who make less than $200,000/ year.  Ahem, that ain't the middle class, Governor.

9:18 pm
The two are facing off and calling one another's liars.  This is a bit rocky; very combative.  Romney is implying he can lower the price of gas and that is a risky claim, as he must certainly well know.  Gas prices are determined by world markets and pumping oil here is a private business venture in the US; government can't tell them where to sell it.

Romney just said that Long Island had gas at less than $2 a gallon when Obama took office.  I live in this area, NJ has the lowest prices in the region, and I haven't paid under $3 for gas in the past 4 years.

9:11 pm
Stupid question about gas princes.  But Obama is explaining about how to create energy independence and lowering oil imports.  Romney is meandering though he says will get us energy independent.....more drilling, more permits and licenses, pipeline from Canada.

Candy asks if gas prices are at the new normal.  It's a good question.

9:06 pm
Obama wants to create good-paying jobs; build on the 5 million already created.  And he's got specifics: build manufacturing, tax incentives for those who create jobs here, help small businesses to export, build the best education system in the world, student loans, community colleges for re-training, control our own energy (solar, wind, bio-fuels), balanced reduction of deficits.

Obama home run.  Candy pushes back and asks for specifics.  Romney answers with, "I'll create 12 million jobs."  And then wonders all over the place talking about Detroit bankruptcy.   Obama hammers Romney for everything he's said thus far.  Does it in a folksy style but is still basically calling out, "liar, liar, pants on fire."

9:05 pm
Romney is going to make it easier for students to afford college.  He likes loans and Pell Grants.  And he wants kids to be able to get jobs.  But how, Governor?  HOW?

9:01 pm
What the fuck happened to Candy Crowley's hair?  I like Candy as much as I like any TV reporter.  But, seriously,  WTF?

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