Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vocabulary with T: Chill in the Air edition

Those of you who have been forced to spend time in my company know that I like cool temperatures.  This is especially true come the winter, when I wish to wear sweaters without sweating and so insist on setting the furnace to a notably less-than-balmy 66.

T is not quite so cold-blooded and come the cool season can frequently be found sporting long underwear under her clothing.  And what kind of long underwear fabric does she like best?  Why, that would be polycrapylene, a space-age fiber made of things that don't occur organically.

I first heard her refer to something as made out of polycrapylene in reference to some water-resistant camping materials.  Since then, polycrapylene is virtually everywhere.  It's in your long johns.  It's what your rain coat and tent are made of.  It's likely been put to work in that water bottle you carry around.

And if you spend a lot of time at Sassafras House, it will keep you toasty warm.  Prepare accordingly.

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