Friday, May 24, 2013

And Then There Were Two

During the school year, I iron clothes for the coming week on Sunday night.  I hang the ironed clothes on my closet door, refer to it as the bullpen, and then watch all week as the supply of freshly ironed clothes dwindles.  When it's gone, that means the weekend has arrived.

I don't love ironing so getting it done in advance means that it only troubles me once a week.  This system of organization also ensures that I don't have to stand in front of my closet on weekday mornings and organize a plan.  All I need to do in the morning is get dressed.  

Come the end of the school year, as I see the number of weeks before the start of summer vacation dwindle, my motivation to iron fades accordingly.  On Sundays, I find myself looking for clothes that don't need ironing or longing for a dress-down day because dress down clothes are casual and shouldn't  be ironed.  I can begin to count the number of days I must iron.  Last Sunday as I set out to iron I realized there were only 9 days of clothes required to get me through the school year.  But my ironing obligation is really only 8, as tradition requires we dress up for the last day of school.  That dress is already pressed and ready to go.   From there, it was a steady decline as I invented excuses for slightly rumpled clothes to be worn to work.

I emptied the bullpen this morning, in preparation for a three day weekend.  Next week now features a dress down day as well as a dress up day.  Only two skirts must be ironed.

Summer, I've got my eye on you.  You'll recognize me because I'll be the pony-tailed girl in the rumpled skirt.

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