Thursday, May 09, 2013

Real Life Conversations at School: Carnal Knowledge edition

The backstory:  While reviewing the 1st amendment and standards for obscenity in my American Government class today, it became clear that today's 17 year olds aren't exactly sure what the phrase carnal knowledge means.   I offer an explanation, invoking the relevant Supreme Court case (Miller v. California).  These kids are just days from their AP test and they are 4 school days away from being done with classes for the year.   A conversation about carnal knowledge at this juncture seems tricky.  I am wary.

Me:  Carnal knowledge means sex; sexual knowledge of another person.

Student A: Doesn't the C-K in f-u-c-k stand for carnal knowledge?

Me:  I don't know… about we move on to the next question?

Student A and all of his classmates:  No!  Let's look it up.

And out come the phones and computers so that they can ask Google about carnal knowledge.  This can't possible end badly.  

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