Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sleeping Weather

One of the reasons I enjoy Spring and Fall is because of the milder overnight temperatures that arrive with seasonal change.  When the nights are cool, but not cold, I can sleep with the windows open.  I hear the sounds of the night as I pull up the covers and drift off to sleep.  I call this sleeping weather and it always finds me longing for a sleeping porch.  I make do with the large windows in my bedroom, opening them wide to bring the night inside.

Come Spring, I enjoy awakening to the sounds of birds chirping their morning greetings.  On school days there isn't much time to linger and listen.  That's an activity for weekends.  On weekends, I almost always awaken at the time I get out of bed during the weekdays but then get to I roll over and fall back asleep to the birds' songs.  This weekend we've enjoyed near-perfect sleeping weather.  On Sunday morning there was even a light rain to keep me and the birds company.  

I live in a small town in a heavily populated state and though I wouldn't say it's loud, there is often the sound of traffic or mowers; of lives being lived.  Quiet mornings with only the sounds of nature are always a welcome blessing.

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