Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Last Christmas my parents gave me two square-shaped white outdoor flower boxes.  I had wanted just such a set and I've spent the last two weeks thinking through my options with these lovely boxes.  For Mother's Day, T and JT gave me some flowers.  I chose begonias and Gerbera daisies and I decided to fill the flower boxes with them.  
I lined the bottom of the boxes with coir mats before filling them with potting soil.
Then T helped me to fill them with soil and flowers.  The bright orange Gerbera daisies are sitting next to the rhododendron by the front steps.
The second box, filled with coral double begonias, sits in a corner by the freshly painted porch.
With just two more weeks before the start of summer vacation, these flowers are a reminder of happy, lazy summer days ahead.

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Nichole said...

I love your front porch. Such a happy place.