Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Front Yard Flowerbed: May 1st

Spring is now in full flower around here, even in the shadiest flowerbeds in my yard.  There aren't many tulips in this corner of the yard, though there were plenty of daffodils and several flowers remain.
The corner by the porch also has a lilac bush that will  bloom within the next month.  When it does, the air will fill with its scent.  My bedroom window lies directly above the lilac and if the breeze blows just right I will awaken to the scent of lilac blooms in the morning.  The smell of fresh lilac is one of my favorite things about May.  It's the smell of spring and the prospect of summer all rolled into one elusive sweet scent.
The rhododendron next to the steps will follow the lilac in bloom just a few weeks later.  Mine has vivid purple blooms that are almost garish in their abundance.
This flowerbed will look different in a month, more lush and more green. And in one month, Ill be within a hair's distance of summer vacation and all that it entails: the promise of warm weather, garden produce, sleeping in, and a treasure of unscheduled days.  As the days warm, summer beckons and I can see it everywhere that I look.  

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