Sunday, May 26, 2013


I went to the garden shop last weekend and in the growing season that's a risky move.  In an effort to show restraint, I had a list, of course.  I selected the necessary herbs and tomato plants.  I had loads of zinnia seeds to plant in the ground but it's hard to wait until July for fresh flowers.  So I strolled the flower aisles, like some kind of recovering addict hoping that the sight of flowers would be just as good a fix.  Hah.

I came home with two hanging baskets of geraniums.  They are bright and welcoming on the front porch and are in my favorite shade of bright coral.  

One of the blooms came loose in the transport home and it joined me in the kitchen window sill to bring cheer to my mornings as I wrap up the last days of school morning wake-ups.
That's happy.

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