Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lush and Green

Though we had overnight temperatures that dipped into the low 30s earlier this week, it's clear that Spring is finally here to stay.  My grass has reached the stage where I really need need to mow the lawn more than once a week.  My obligations, of course, have not reached the stage when I can mow more than once a week.  The grass is thick and full when I get out the lawn mower each week but my elderly mower has risen to the challenge.

At this time of the year, the early evening light in the May sky is often heartbreakingly beautiful, clear and glowing as the sun sets into the horizon.  Heat and humidity have yet to settle in and there is often just enough warmth left in the late day to warrant some time spent outside.   From the back deck, I can see my backyard bunny as he moves from the hedges into the bank of hostas that grow along the garage.  There is plenty of foliage for him to enjoy.  When I sit on the front porch I can practically watch the grass grow.  Aside the front steps, my rhododendron plants have begun to bloom.  
There are enough buds to ensure that new purple flower is ready to greet me every day, a harbinger of the Summer that waits just around the corner.

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