Saturday, June 22, 2013

Real Life Observations of JT: The Party is Over edition

The backstory:  11 years ago when I moved to New Jersey, the house I moved into had an old fridge the previous owners had left behind.  I had brought my comparatively newer fridge from Nebraska.  Two fridges seemed like a bonus.  So the inherited fridge was designated the party fridge and in it we stored soda, beer, and other bulk-buy items.  It came with me to Sassafras House in 2005 and lived in the basement.  In 2011, the party fridge died after Hurricane Irene flooded the basement.  When I got a large new upstairs fridge that fall, the Nebraska fridge went downstairs to the basement to be the new party fridge.

Still following?

The new upstairs fridge is quite fancy and features both ice and water in the door.  This feature, which JT thought could only be had in a fridge from California, endears us to the fridge.  It also explains why we call call it the California fridge.  When you are a two fridge household, the appliances in question need names.

Unfortunately, the party ended sometime last week when the party fridge abruptly gave up the ghost.  Cold soda and beer is now warm and the last pot of freezer jam is now defunct.

JT, concerned about this development, announced that we should move the soda and beer upstairs to "...make a party in the Cali fridge."  

That is the sort of innovative, forward thinking that can only be learned at prep school.

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