Saturday, June 29, 2013

Real Life Texts with T: Doing Right edition

The backstory: JT and I are often surprised at the degree to which men in this state opt to go shirtless.  I feel that some of them should reconsider (i.e., must I see your hairy, white, beer belly?), but our approach has been rejected.  Among the shirtless is my kind-hearted neighbor R.  To be fair, he pulls it off without an assault to our eyes or his personal dignity, and thus earns a pass on our condemnation.  The other day my 16 year old mower died and R loaned me his so I could cut the grass before it became it became a pasture.  I texted T to give her the news.

S:  I went out to mow and the mower would not start.  R loaned me his so I mowed shirtless.

T:  R's mower has high standards; you did the right thing.

JT and I may need to adjust our standards.

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