Sunday, June 02, 2013

A Rosy Outlook

I love flowers and derive great satisfaction from walking out to the garden to cut a fresh bouquet.  Each Spring when I plant my garden, I sow several rows of zinnia seeds.  I pick different varieties and, come July, I have enough for bouquets throughout the house.  I enjoy growing zinnias because they are cheerful and easy to grow, with a seemingly endless array of varieties. As cut flowers, they are durable and bright and make terrific casual bouquets.

To me, roses are considerably more elegant and serene in contrast to the bolder cheer of zinnias.  When I lived in Nebraska, I grew several types of roses in my hot and sunny backyard; they thrive in such conditions and mine did well.  I've not had rose bushes in my yard here and last summer, I decided to try my hand at roses again.  I bought one bush on sale at the garden store in the mid-summer.  I planted it and added some water and fertilizer and let nature take its course.  The rose bush thrived.  
This year, with the garden expansion, I have added two more roses to my flock.  One is pink and the other is coral.  They are planted next to the red rose from last year's experiment.

The best part of gardening is the business of trying new things and learning the lessons contained therein.  I'll enjoy watching these roses grow and change this summer.  And with some sun and good luck, there will be cut flowers to enjoy.

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