Monday, June 17, 2013

Settling In

The first week of summer vacation typically includes final meetings at school and other type of "wrapping things up" activities.  Among other things, for me this year that included packing up my classroom.  That meant obligations, however pleasant, were still on our horizon last week.

This week, our obligations are much reduced.  Alarm clocks may be turned off and I don't feel the frantic panic of tasks left undone come Sunday evening.  I will be completing a good amount of work related to my new job this summer, but much it can be done at home.  There is no need for ironed clothes or getting-going in the morning.  There is time to read an extra chapter of my book and enjoy one more leisurely cup of coffee.  With the summer stretched before me, prospects seem endless.  I love this part of summer vacation and feel practically giddy at the prospect of it all.  This morning, rocking on the front porch and reading my book I was reminded of how very lucky and blessed I am.  That's happy.

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