Friday, January 16, 2009

The Final Word

Last night, JT and I got our jammies on in time to sit down to watch President Bush's Farewell Address. We are not fans of the soon-to-be former president and he has just under 100 hours left in office. So it seemed a good time to mark Bush's (very welcome!) departure and to have a final listen to this man who has been president for most of JT's life.

JT's been learning about politics all year long and he's well-informed. I am teaching him what I believe and I am also teaching him to think for himself; to ask questions and develop his own system of political values.

He listened respectfully as the president spoke and we talked about what President Bush said to the country. And then JT turned to me and said, "Mama, that man is just a nincompoop."

Well said, young man. Well said.


Nichole said...

I've heard so many people defend Bush Jr. by saying that his actions prevented another terrorist attack and that he will have a Truman-esque legacy. We are reduced to crediting him for preventing things that may never have even happened in the first place??? I'm forever an idealist, but come on. Nincompoop is a nice thing to say about the guy.

Sharkbuttocks said...

Nincompoop is far more poetic and possibly even onomatopoeic as compared with say raving dumbass.