Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Household Happiness

I read a number of blogs that include regular features about household style. I always find them interesting and sometimes find them inspiring. They've got me thinking about my own style. I think carefully about the things in my home, choosing the items for both beauty and utility. They are reflection of me and my world view.

My home was built in 1930, a classic Foursquare style with craftsman details. It's a home of amazingly good bones with lots of light; lovely, well-preserved woodwork; and almost no wasted space. My style preference is for simplicity and squared graphics and patterns that fit the style of the house. I like saturated color; most of the rooms in my home have been painted and I'm not afraid to take risks with color (this has led to the occasional need for re-painting when color choices have proven disastrous). I am deliberate in the items I choose for my home, which I want to be a warm and comfortable place. I like handmade goods and generally prefer small-scale producers, antiques, or quality antique re-productions. If something is in my home it's there because it has personal meaning and speaks to me.

Starting tomorrow and each month on the 15th, I plan write about something in my home that makes me smile. My focus here will be on the items that make up my daily viewpoint. I'm taking pictures and writing about these things to record the story behind the items and to remind myself of the many blessings in my life. Some of the items I will feature are things I've had for years; others are newer. All have been chosen because they make my home a happier place.

Whenever possible, I will include a link to the source of the item of question. And let me just say this now....if you don't yet have an etsy account, I recommend that you get one. Pronto.


Sharkbuttocks said...

"I am deliberate in the items I choose for my home, which I want to be a warm and comfortable place."

You totally succeed.

Jason said...

Indeed - this is the kind of materialism I can get behind whole-heartedly.