Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Real Life Conversations with JT: He's Got My Number Edition

The backstory: The boy has returned from spending a few hours with his other mom. As he arrives home, he announces that he's had dessert already. Then, not 20 minutes later, he asks for more dessert.

Mama: I thought you said that you'd already had some dessert.

JT: I did already have dessert.

Mama: Then why did you just ask me for dessert?

JT: Awww, sweetness, there's no law that says a boy can't have two desserts.
You might be able to say no to that kind of charm. If so, you're a stronger woman than me.


Jason said...

I can't believe the son of an American Government teacher so quickly forgot the Feingold-Hatch Act of 2007. Those two are such buzzkills.

Nichole said...

You've found the fundamental flaw in having two moms: we give in too easily when sweets are involved. Only because we love sweets ourselves!!