Saturday, January 03, 2009

The King and I

One of the funny things about being a Mama is that I'm a girl and strictly speaking I don't know what it's like to be a boy. Generally, things go just fine. But sometimes JT surprises me. The other day, he requested that I grab up the post-shower towel and dry him off. As he stood on the bath mat, dripping wet from the shower, I took up the towel (warmed from being left on the radiator) and began to dry him off.

"Hurry," he urged, "the King is getting cold."

"Well, King," I responded, "the Queen Mum is doing her best."

And then it became clear that the "King" in question wasn't the boy but his penis, whom he then requested that I refer to as "your majesty."

What? This boy has two mothers (me, the daily mama who lives with him and a second who plays parent every other weekend). He has no father and no brothers. He has a number of male influences in his life but, to my knowledge, none has explained to him that the penis is King.

And yet.

Biology is destiny it would seem.


Nichole said...

We can't defeat patriarchy until males figure out that their penises aren't kings - They're jesters. :) Hilarious story!

Jason said...

I suspect this has roots in 4th-grade boy-talk. You can't fight 4th-grade boy-talk.