Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day: A Photo Diary

Yesterday morning the snow day call came at 5 am. In the darkness I settled back under the heavy flannel covers and slept for 3 more hours. And, since the snow day came on the very first day of the second semester of school, when I finally climbed out of bed, I had very little work to complete. So the day was given over to having fun.

In the morning, I drank an entire pot of coffee and played card games with JT. While we looked out the windows, some of my neighbors (the ones with a better work ethic than me) got to work with their snow blowers. By the time JT and I headed outside, all I had to do was shovel the front walk while JT made a few snow angels.
That task quickly completed, the boy and I took a walk around town. Walking with JT in the snow is always amusing. While I choose the sidewalk and what might best be called the path of least resistance, JT's approach is quite different. He hikes the snowy path of most resistance, chattering the entire way.
There was a temporary silence when I stuffed his mouth with snow.
After lunch, JT headed upstairs to supervise the on-going invasion in the playroom.
I finished a book and had a lovely nap. The afternoon found us playing some more card games. As is the usual pattern, I mostly got beat.
Supper was grilled pork chops made in my new indoor grill pan (don't worry, that recipe will be in another post soon enough), green salad, garlic noodles, and fresh beets. It was hearty meal and fortification for another walk, this one in the snowy cold night.
One of the nicest things about living with an eight year old is the pleasure of having a companion who provides me with well-needed reminders that life is richer when laughter and fun are frequent ingredients.

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Jason said...

It looks like such a pleasant kind of snow - the kind that gets school canceled, then melts when it's told to. My kingdom for pleasant snow.