Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Go Away

In a recent interview on NPR's Tell Me More, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales spoke about the Obama Administration's pledge that the United States will not engage in the use of torture when questioning detainees. If you can stomach it, the whole interview is to be found here. Much of it caused me to rage at my radio but nothing made me as furious as Gonzales' whole-scale dismissal of Obama's pledge that the United States will not use torture. Gonzales objected, arguing that once we outlaw torture we'll have no one to blame but ourselves if the bad guys come for us.


Just. Bullshit.

I hadn't quite realized just how exhausting it was to wake up every day in a nation governed by people who were rapidly undermining all that my country stood for. But in the 8 days since Barack Obama took the oath of office and moved into the White House, my relief has been palpable. And it's not just that we finally have a grown-up in charge.

It's that we have a grown up with principles in charge. A leader with an Administration who understands that the United States cannot survive the next century unless we stand for something and act on those principles. And standing for human rights is a pretty sound principle on which to stake our future.

I am tired of Republicans holding the nation hostage to fear. And the majority of the nation, the people who proudly cast their ballot for Barack Obama, they are tired of it as well. So, Mr. Gonzales, I am done hearing from you. You had your turn and you screwed up. In case it's not already clear, please take your fear mongering elsewhere. Go away.


Nichole said...

The whole point about the information gained from torture not being reliable is lost on a lot of people. . .

Sharkbuttocks said...

Amen! I like so many others am so way over the fearmongering aided and abetted by the raving classes of the media led by that hillbilly heroin rat bastard.