Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tulip Wednesday

When I first moved to Tennessee, I was enchanted by the seasonal changes.  The leaves in the fall and the bulbs and blooms of spring were not native to my California experience and I spent hours outdoors as the seasons changed, admiring the beauty of it all.  In my lowest moments of winter, when I question why I ever left the mild California seasons (California never made me shovel snow, I tell New Jersey in a tone of passive aggression), it is thoughts of spring which buoy my spirits.

There are still remnants of the winter's deep snows, but their time has passed.  Last Thursday night, when we stepped out on the porch to check out the rain, JT announced, "It smells like spring."  He was right; it does smell like spring.  Thursday's heavy rain seemed milder, a harbinger of warmth and green blooms to follow.  I've shoveled a lot of snow this winter and I'm eager for the seasonal change.  To celebrate the coming green warmth, each Wednesday, I'll be taking pictures of the tulip bulbs in my front garden. It's Tulip Wednesday!
Not much to be seen as of yet.  But there is a bit of green pushing through.  The prospects are most grand.

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