Sunday, March 06, 2011

Required Viewing

A few minutes ago, JT and I sat down to watch 60 Minutes.  We tuned in for the story about polar bears.  Prior to that, there was a story about children, poverty, and homelessness in the United States.  It was an awfully powerful story.  The next time someone tells me that we must take care of our national debt in order to protect the future of our children, I'm going to remember this story and point out that hungry children, children who cannot think and cannot study, who cannot fall asleep because they are hungry, have a greater concern than the fucking national debt.

You can watch the segment for yourself here.  I hope that you will do so.

After JT and I watched it, I dried my tears, turned to him and said "Our nation can do better than this." 

We can, can't we?

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Nichole said...

I was just reading the transcript of a recent speech by Michael Moore. Now, while I take his comments with a grain of salt, he made a great point: America isn't broke. We have been told that we have to cut Medicaid, cut health benefits, cut food stamps, cut aid to schools, etc. However, 400 Americans hold more wealth than the next 150 million Americans COMBINED. With all this talk about Obama's (bogus) plan to redistribute wealth to the poor, we've closed our eyes to where the money is really being the super rich. America can do more for it's children. We are not broke; we are broken.