Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tulip Wednesday: WTF edition

This morning, we awakened to snow.  The roads were slushy and wet with patches of ice to trip up the unwary driver.  The grass and my garden got a generous helping of spring snow.  The tulips remain steadfast, if chilled.
 I intend to take an optimistic attitude toward this serving of poor gardener's fertilizer.  It can't last, right?  Right?  RIGHT?


Shark Butt said...

WTF is right?

Nichole said...

I bought my Burpee seeds today, but we also have snow on the ground. Like I said before, I get so anxious this time of year to get stuff growing. Did you get my e-mail about our upcoming trip to NJ? I swear to god yahoo mail is keeping all my e-mails in a hole somewhere.