Thursday, March 17, 2011

Real Life Conversations with JT: College Prep edition

The backstory:  There is a dress code at our school and sometimes JT chafes at the restrictions.  He doesn't care that he can't wear jeans and he's got no complaints with the collared shirt requirement.  But……he strenuously objects to the limitations on shorts (now that he's a middle schooler, shorts are not permitted after October 1st in the fall and he can't pull them on until after May 1st in the spring…..he thinks that's lame).  And the boy is no fan of the requirement that he keep his collared shirt tucked in.  His animosity became more clear last week, when a friend of ours came to visit.  JP is a graduate of our school and a junior in college.  She happened to mention that she wore blue jeans to classes.

JT:  Hold up.  Do you mean that there is no dress code in college?

JP:  There is no dress code in college.

Unable to believe this extraordinary claim, JT sought confirmation from me.

Me:  There is no dress code in college, son.

JT:  Wow.  Now I finally have a reason to go to college.

Thank goodness all those years he's spent in a prep school won't be for nothing.


Nichole said...

I had to go to church last week for my nephew's baptism (I didn't burst into flames), and there was a part of the sermon where the pastor went on about how good, Christian kids go to college and do nothing but drink and have unlimited sex partners. Although I'm pretty sure 99% of the kids actually learned something besides how to open a beer with a lighter, I love how he used the fear of hedonistic college life to scare parents into donating money for the youth wing they'd like to add to the church. So, long story short: the boy may wear jeans to college, but you'd better let him drink and have promiscuous sex in high school so he can actually learn something in college besides the loose dress code. Haha.

lumbab said...

You do have to put on clothes for college though, unless you go to a clothing optiobnal school like UC Santa Cruz :)