Friday, March 11, 2011

On Sassafras Pond

The good news is that the birds were chirping when we woke up this morning.  There was some cloudy sunlight to be seen and the rain seems to have stopped.  The bad news is that we came downstairs to see that the backyard now has a pond.  We've never had this much of a pond before.
And there's water in the basement.  Well more than one would like.  JT and I will fire up the water pump shortly.  We are well experienced in the task at hand; and I have to say that having JT's help makes the whole chore a little easier to bear.  Rivers around here will crest in the late afternoon and then we will will slowly return to normal (which is flood-prone anyway).  I grew up in drought-prone central California.  That had its own problems, of course.  But surely there is some sort of happy medium between the two conditions?  I'd like to find that zone for the next few weeks.

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Nichole said...

You are such a good sport about your basement flooding. I'd just sit at the top of the steps and cry. Then again, I'm not as kick-ass as you are. :-)