Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March 1st: Clematis Vine

As the snows have melted, JT has continued to enjoy his backyard games.  No matter the season, he plays outside almost every day.  In the cold, he sometimes skips the outdoors but the arrival of slightly warmer weather and sunny skies is an even greater lure for him to get outdoors.  The grass is wet with slushy snow, the yard is stark and doesn't look particularly promising, but he's been so eager to play outside that I've put up with the mud.
He's out there keeping the clematis company as it girds up for the growing season that lies just ahead.  There are very slight signs of spring in the air and I'll be keeping my eye on spring's progress in the month ahead.  For now, the clematis is quiet.  But I expect that the next month will be very promising.

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