Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who's the Boss?

Each week, Tiger joins me for the changing of the sheets.  He loves this routine, playing hide and seek and then finding a spot to be tucked into the bed. 
Last week, Lucy joined in the fun.  Lucy is a little bossy, so she insisted that she have a turn under the covers.  Tiger reluctantly agreed to share the bed.
And then he decided to just let Lucy have a turn on her own.  Without Tiger to boss around, it wasn't as much fun.
When the bed was made, Tiger and Lucy, clearly exhausted by all the work, settled in for a nap on their freshly made bed.  Lucy opted for her princess pillow at the foot of the bed.  Tiger selected from the remaining real estate.
I was dispatched to fill the kibble bowl, clean out the litter box, and otherwise attend to the needs of my masters.

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Shark Butt said...

That is mighty peaceful looking.