Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gun Totin' Mama

Among the catalogs that I receive is one from Cabela's.  When it arrived a few weeks ago, I idly looked through it.  I didn't really expect to find anything that I needed (or wanted).  Then I came across these pages:
An entire section devoted to my conceal-carry gun and weaponry needs.  Finally, something useful!

A new nylon holster is always nice to have on hand.
This gun fanny pack is not really my style, though it could be handy on those days when I wish to be hands-free.
Really the leather handbag may be more fitting.  The name certainly works for me.
But I'm sorely tempted to get something pink for for my feminine side.
Pepper spray?  Taser? It's just so hard to decide.


lumbab said...

Put this in your time capsule along with the Vermont Country Store Catalog that had the vibrator for sale ...

Nichole said...

You know, my dad works for the Cabela's bank writing code for their credit card processing. As such, he gets most items at cost. I might have to put that gun totin' purse on my christmas list for this year. Forget the traditional Ugg boots. I'm going hostile this season.

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