Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Accused

On a fairly regular basis, Tiger avails himself of a sip of my iced tea or the water in the flower vase.  I tend to object to his attempts.  He doesn't care.  On Saturday, in an effort to branch out, he tried my glass of milk.
The good news is that he'll leave my flowers and my iced tea alone if I just serve him a glass of milk.  The bad news is that Tiger's intestinal track does not love the milk as well as his taste buds.

So I think that kitty will have to make-do with his illicit efforts to drink my tea.  And the flowers, of course.

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Nichole said...

Cats are so funny because, unlike a dog, you can kick a cat's ass like a hundred times for jumping up on the table and licking someone's food/drink, but they just don't care. Not only does a cat not care, he doesn't even feel guilty when he gets caught and will often MEOW in resistance to your orders to get down. I'm sure my dogs often think to themselves, "Why does that asshole get to be up on the table?"