Monday, September 20, 2010

Of Time and Wishes

The mild weather found us at the park a few weeks back.  We've been visiting this park for hours at a time since JT's friend B and his mom J introduced it to us three years ago.  It's JT's favorite park; he loves it best when there aren't many children around.  But even when the park is busy, he's happy to play there.

We have a routine.  I set myself on a bench at the entrance with a jug of iced tea and a long book.  JT heads in to play, checking back with me every once in a while.  We can literally spend hours at play in this fashion. 

On our last visit, as JT was playing and I was reading, a mama with a large bag on her shoulder paused in front of me, trying to keep two small kids by the hand as they walked toward the parking lot.  She caught sight of me and my book and said, "your kids just go in there and play, don't they?"  I could hear the longing in her voice; I could see it in her eyes.

I nodded yes and then re-assured her that extended time with her book was in her future soon enough.  We both smiled and she headed to her car.

I know that future will come much sooner than she thinks.  Whereas I once had a boy who was in the middle age range of the kids at the park, on this trip to the playground, I realized that he's one of the bigger kids at play.  I know how that tired mama feels.  And as surely as I know that feeling, I know that time is flying by.  Though it was once impossible to imagine, within a year or two, JT probably won't want to play at this park.  We'll have moved on to new adventures.  But I'll still wish for a few more hours with a little boy at the park.

It can be difficult to be that mama with the clinging small children; with no time to read her book.  Or shower in peace.  But I should have called to her one last bit of advice….don't wish away this time.  It will be gone soon enough and then you'll miss it; you really will.


Nichole said...

Thanks for the reminder. :-) I generally find myself complaining that I still have to play with Soren at the park (plus look at all the lame stuff she wants to show me that she thinks is awesome). But I guess soon enough she'll have her period and an iPod and she'll hate me. I'd better enjoy the lame stuff while I can. :-)

Shark Butt said...

Watching the cats go at a bug reminds me to stay in the moment.