Thursday, September 02, 2010

Real Life Conversations with JT: Personal Hygiene edition

The backstory: We're not an especially private family at Sassafras House (read: lock that bathroom door shut if you really want some alone time). And JT is acquainted with the biological reality of the facts of life (read: he knows why someone might need a tampon). But that he knows about these distasteful realities of feminine hygiene doesn't mean he wants to deal with them, as evidenced by the conversation we had when he saw a tampon, still in its wrapper, setting on the bathroom counter.

JT: Does that really have to be so obvious (waves distastefully in the direction of the tampon)?

Mama:  Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I might need it.  Would you like me to explain why again?

JT:  No.  That's not necessary (beats a hasty retreat out of my line of vision).

Someday, when he has daughters or a wife of his own, I like to think that they'll find that he's a sensitive, understanding man who will ensure that the fridge is stocked with chocolate ice cream at certain times of the month.  A mama can dream.


Christina said...

HygIEne. I before e, except after c...

Nichole said...

Dade learned all about tampons last year when he asked Colby in the Kohl's family bathroom, "Why are there tampoons in this vending machine?" Colby told him, and I was so proud of him. :-)