Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Household Happiness: Black and White Photos

 Black and white photos have always captured my interest.  When JT was born I set out to make black and white photos of him on a regular basis.  Over the years, my black and whites of JT have mostly been taken in the moment, when he's busy being himself.  Half of the collection hangs at the base of the stairs in the living room; 9 more photos made over a six year period hang in the stairway in sets of three, facing the living room.  The set taken this year is a happily completed goal on my life list. Making the photos wasn't the problem; I seem to manage that chore fairly easily.  The goal was to get a set developed, framed and finally hung on the wall.  I managed that last month.
 I love these pictures because I can stand in one corner of my living room and watch my baby grow up.  They are snapshots of a boy who is much-loved and each day when I walk up and down these stairs they are a daily reminder of just how fleeting time can be.

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Nichole said...

You are going to make that boy think he is the center of the universe. :-)