Thursday, September 16, 2010

Down on the Farm

New Jersey is awash in agri-tourism farms and on Friday we set off to visit one located nearby, Alstede Farms.  We went with my neighbor, M and her daughters V and G (1 and 4, respectively).  Our plan: pick some raspberries, try out the corn maze, and generally enjoy the beautiful day.  The farm, like so many of this style of family-run business in New Jersey, was truly lovely.  Out past the corn maze in the fields with flowers, pumpkins, and veggies of all kinds, the views were first rate.
We started with a picnic.  V had the seat of honor.
There were plenty of things for kids to do.  While G rode a pony, JT and I took a tour through the corn maze.  JT eagerly took the lead.
 And managed to get us out alive.
JT consented to having his picture made on the pumpkin truck.  G decided to be the driver.
The pumpkin has understandable concerns about his safety in the hands of an erratic and overly-enthusiastic driver.
JT doesn't have siblings and sometimes he's a little surprised by younger children.  G and her sister V seem to really like my boy and he tolerates their fondness.  He's even told me that he likes the way they make him feel like a really big kid.
And sometimes he does more than that, looking after G in a way that I find awfully charming.

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Nichole said...

I was an only child until I was 15. I can tell you from experience that he definitely sees little kids as a different species, but in a good way. He's at a great age to be with little kids because he's big enough to actual be helpful, but he's still interested in playing, too. Ever think of having another....Kidding! Dade is still enthralled by babies. I have to tell him all the time not to touch other people's babies without permission. Also, somehow when we go to Target we always end up with a few extra kids following us around. I'm sure other parents do not appreciate that my wandering herd of children tends to draw in other children.