Monday, September 27, 2010

Garden Bounty

Strictly speaking, bounty isn't the word that comes to mind as a description of the 2010 garden season in my part of the world.  The summer's intense heat and our local mini-drought really took their toll on this year's produce.  The picture below shows one of the more abundant picking days I enjoyed…..a pretty sparse season indeed.
Whereas in previous years I could fill a basket full of tomatoes, beets, squash, and flowers, this year I was lucky to fill my hands.  The zucchini did okay but the tomatoes never really offered the abundance I've grown used to enjoying.  My peppers never took off and even the beans were rather spare, though I expect a few more limas will still come my way.  Last year's carrot and onion crop lasted me until February.  This year's won't get me to November.

A garden is always at the mercy of Mother Nature.  I can only do so much to coax the growth along.  Soon enough the cold will come and the garden will retreat to a patch of cold, empty soil.  I'll fertilize the growing space and ready it for next spring.  The fertilization will likely be one part organic materials and two parts hope.  But that's okay.  A gardener lives in constant hope, with a side of crossed fingers.  It's always a welcome lesson for me and it's why I love my garden.

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Nichole said...

It's a good thing we still have grocery stores. Can you imagine being at the mercy of your garden 150 years ago? No wonder no one was obese.